An INTERCOLOR meeting always feels a bit like visiting a music festival – very intense, meeting friends and making new friends, full of new sounds and impressions, and action till exhausted.

Last Friday the INTERCOLOR meeting focussing on Autumn/Winter 20/21 was closed in Porto, Portugal. Invited by the Portugese National Association of Clothing Manufacturers ANIVEC (Associação Nacional das Indústrias de Vestuário e Confecção), we held the workshops and presentations in Porto’s West at Avenida da Boavista 3523, a big avenue which connects the old town of Porto with the Atlantic Ocean. So in between heavy autumn rains and huge baroque clouds we had a vision of the Atlantic.

My impressions of Porto were affected by the contrasts of traditions and future orientation – the narrative pattern of omnipresent tiles and the abstract cubist architecture of Case da Musicá, for instance. Also nature in trouble becomes a recurring encounter – here with mistimed spring blooming of camellia and azalea trees in the parc of Fundação Serralves, Museu de Arte Contemporânea. Here we experienced two mayor exhibitions, a retrospective of Robert Mapplethope and a collection of Anish Kapoor’s architectural models and some of his hallucinatory installations in the parc. (More information on cultural backgrounds will follow in the INSPIRATION SURROUND for A/W 20/21, to be published next week.)

Casa da Musica, IC-Porto, PhotoNHW

We are FACING THE FUTURE with the 20/21 seasons, and we have to envision the shifts in society and nature. With the INTERCOLOR ENCOUNTERS – our public workshop on Zeitgeist streams and cultural backgrounds – we focused the shifting of generations with COLOUR GENERATIONS. How do we link between the different NEW OLD and GEN Z, between fascination for the digital world and the real need for empathy. 16 presentations of all INTERCOLOR Members showed 16 visions of GEN COLOURS – and this is the most exciting impression of the transcultural exchange. As a mayor issue, we learned about the diverse ways of the SEARCH FOR IDENTITY. Whether it is about self-defining, connecting with communities or about reconnecting with the earth. About EGO IN DIVERSITY and DEPOLARIZED SOCIETY (from CFCA China and ESDi Spain). ”By creating an ideal self, they try to live a better life.” (from CFCA China).

Intercolor Colour Workshop, IC Porto A/W 20/21, Photo Thomas Hill

There is more that connects us than it would separate generations, that is the key insight of the diverse presentations. We have to face big challenges such as climate change and plastic pollution, which impact us together, at the same time, everywhere on our planet, beyond cultural generations. HEALING THE WORLD (from inFASH Thailand) – will need collective action.

PLASTIC is the material of the moment – because it is part of the environmental problem and the main matter of recycling. We can’t wait for future solutions, we have to handle and integrate PLASTIC NOW. The use and re-use of plastic will influence our colour world. How do we develop the materials and colours of recycling to become an aesthetic of sustainability?

With this research backgrounds the INTERCOLOR colour statement becomes a manifesto to PARTAKE, to LINK GENERATIONS, and to SPREAD SUSTAINABILITY.

Recycling Material, IC Porto, Nov. 2018, Photo NHW

The DMI COLOUR MOODS A/W 20/21 were part of the international colour workshop, and the harmonies are in tune with the INTERCOLOR ideas.

Intercolor Encounters are open to guests – so we’ll keep you informed when the meeting will be invited to Germany in 2019.

Intercolor has 16 members currently. The DMI represents Germany at Intercolor as a member since 2007. Before 1990 the two German states were separately members at Intercolor. Intercolor used to help to bridge borders, and this is its most valuable challenge.

Intercolor was founded in 1963 for international exchange of fashion colour trends.


Photos: Thomas Hill / NHW

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