Intercolor Meeting Marseille S/S 20

Internationales Farbmeeting S/S 2020 in Marseille


Last week Marseille was the hotspot for future thinker and colour forecaster from 16 countries – the Committee de la Couleur Française had invited INTERCOLOR for its seasonal meeting to the Mediterranean coast of France. Intense impressions under the whitening lights of the southern sun with the luscious sweet scent of blooming jasmine and the never-ending soundscape of the Vieux Port set a trans-cultural background for our workshops.

It is FAST FORWARD to the 2020 seasons. Intercolor Encounters – our public workshop on Zeitgeist streams and cultural backgrounds – focused on the COLOURS OF SPORTS. As the sports movement has changed our visions of body and beauty, it has also changed the perceptions of fashion. Keys are movement, comfort and self-challenging. The presented visions go beyond a polished marketing reality of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the sport-stars-as-influencers. Sports transform towards INCLUSION – think Paralympics – and INDIVIDUAL self-expression in NICHE and XTREME SPORTS as The Gloucester Cheese-Rolling Championship (UK) or Indoor Sky Diving (Germany). Running also has developed political relevance in recent peace campaigns and for social fundrisings. The idea of sports to peacefully connect people is relevant for a solidary community. (Intercolor Encounters are open to guests – so we’ll keep you informed when the meeting will be invited to Germany in 2019).

SUSTAINABILITY and RECYCLING were the guiding motif of the Intercolor colour workshops. As we have to CONFRONT PLASTICS and the POLLUTION of WATER, there is no time waste to change our consumerism. Will integrated material cycles change our vision of colour? With recycled plastics, will the material colour white become the new ivory? Can colours help to bridge our romantic vision of nature and the realism of an Anthropocene nature?

There is also a strong need for imaginative escape, to balance the threats of everyday speed. The visuals of Björk’s new album Utopia reoccur as momentum of escape into imaginary worlds and dreamscapes bridging the real and the virtual. They are no longer seen as separate spheres, their fusion changes our culture and our society. Without judging whether this is for our better future or for worse, the Intercolor statement is a CALL TO ACTION to define the human scale and the depth of the persistent changes.

The DMI represents Germany at Intercolor as a member since 2007. Before 1990 the two German states were separately members at Intercolor. Intercolor used to help to bridge borders, and this is its most valuable challenge. Intercolor was founded in 1963 for international exchange of fashion colour trends. www.intercolor.nu

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