Intercolor Meeting Bangkok S/S 19


I have just returned from intense days of Intercolor Meeting in Bangkok with overwhelming impressions: Heat, humidity, the rains, hyper-urbanisation, traffic, spiciness, bloom, pattern opulence, urban greens, cordiality, … and colours! It felt great to come together in a culture where people enjoy living with colours – to detect new colour perspectives.

The meeting was hosted by our friends of inFASH, the Thailand Institute of Fashion Research that resides at the campus of the Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep – and that’s where we met supported by the university. As Zeitgeist backup of the colour workshops we initiated Intercolor Encounters where we – the delegates of 16 Intercolor member countries – shared trans-cultural phenomena and discoveries. As colour is our essential creative matter, we need to uncover its evolving cultural contexts.

The changing Stages of Reality that we are experiencing were a recurring topic, from Ruralisation and Design of Calmness to the need of a more emotional and empathic approach with Connected Sensing and visionary Headscapes. Self-expression and hyper-individuality were pictured with positive and activist verve in Composing the Moment, Accidental, and Freakishness. These Zeitgeist statements set the path for our colour brainstorming that we continued over two days.

During the Intercolor colour workshop I presented the DMI COLOUR MOODS PREVIEW S/S 2019 – our first colour worlds for the summer 2019 season. Together with all the other members’ presentations we collaged an impressive plenty of 61 themes and moodboards in search for parallels and analogies. We finalized our international colour consensus with five themes as a base for summer 2019 – under the inviting motto: ACTIVISM – DO IT WITH LOVE.

Backed with this international foundation, we present our extensive prospects on summer 2019 with the DMI COLOUR MOODS FORWARD S/S 2019. Get your insight here.

About Intercolor.

“Intercolor is a non-profit organisation, formed in 1963, whose members are an interdisciplinary group of colour experts, representing national associations and consultants working for global players in textiles, fashion and product design.

Intercolor provides a platform for those concerned with colour trends to share and celebrate the diversity of colour influences across the globe. It is a unique opportunity to work together to create an international colour card.”


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