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Das Kleid aus dem Drucker

Das Kleid aus dem Drucker

Interviews - Berlin FW Juli 2015

Digitalität verändert den Markt, den Konsumenten – und auch das Design!

Interviews u.a. mit Zac Posen, Dr. Jo Groebel und Carsten Henrich


Going into the season


On the right path?

The Fashion.Flash draws conclusion from current orders, the current situation at the POS and the directly shown international fashion shows.

Digital Transformation Award 2014

Das Deutsche Mode-Institut erhält den "Digital Transformation Award 2014"


What determines the fashion of the season?

The DMI Trend.Books covering womenswear, menswear and accessories appears twice annually.


Seasonal Trendcolours

Three colour charts per season offer staggered, complex colour information: DMI COLOUR MOODS, DMI COLOUR WOMAN and DMI COLOUR MAN.


An early foundation for creative design processes

This event specifies and analyses zeitgeist, material, colour, pattern and graphic in the area of trends and innovations.


Current trend information

Our international team of experts are always on site and up-to-date: Trade fair reports, order key points, evaluations and commentaries.